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How to boost your energy: 7 ways to think to increase

Energetic leap
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What is being Energetic?

It is the state of the body with a high level of capacity. We perform any activity vigorously or tirelessly. It is a situation when our body and mind are coordinated. It is one of the happiest occasions. We feel enormously enthusiastic.


If your energy/vibration/positive energy whatever you call is stagnant, you are sailing in the negative energy band. No matter what you are doing, you will have to struggle for your existence. The negative forces engulf you like being wrapped up in a thick black suffocating gas.

It could be that you are constantly carrying the negative energy because of dissatisfied salary structure, ill-treatment by your superiors in the job and this keeps lingering deep inside your brains even after returning home tired. This prevents you enjoying with your family after your return. Maybe your marital relationship is in jeopardy and the tensions caused are hammering your brain while interacting with various activities in your of life. In short, you feel totally drained off your energy to perform any activity with enthusiasm and interest. It may be small activity but looks as though you have to move the mountain.

You are a being made up of different energy levels: physical, mental, spiritual and emotional energy. The combined effect of all these energies forms the energy of a human being. Each one has a different impact on you.

Your energy level is higher when you have controlled thoughts, good health, positive emotions and more spiritually aware. On the contrary, if your energy is lower, then your thoughts are uncontrolled, poor health, negative emotions and absolutely no spiritual awareness.

Therefore, if your energy is lower, then you tend to attract all the negative energy wherever you are and dissipate unpleasant environment around you. Conversely, a higher energy being will attract all the positive energy and progress towards path of betterment.

When do you feel energy loss?

Consider the various things that drain energy such as

• Whenever we hear of a depressing news
• During a condolence
• During sickness
• After consuming a heavy meal
• After a heated argument at the place of work or poor recognition in your office
• Loosing a job

It is the state when your energy level has reached an all-time low. You normally tend to become very sluggish. Any activity that you take up during this situation takes you very long to be completed. It may be a simple activity but dragged beyond its expected time. At last, the work performed inefficiently. The output is dissatisfying.

Such situations are unavoidable. It all depends on how we take them. We need to take things, as it is. They are a part of the good things in life. You may also consider that such situations tend to make you stronger. They make you stronger enough to face even worse situation. Another way of dealing such situation is to thing positive. You can give yourself a positive stroke. If you are in a position to convert the negative in to positive then it is nothing like that. You are sure to tide over these difficulties with ease.

Let me narrate an incidence. “I had to quit my job two months ago even though I was placed in a well paying and a satisfying, responsible position. The reason for this decision was due to intense argument with the superiors that led to an unpleasant situation in the company. I did feel a bit depressed in the beginning. Later, I took this opportunity to join a practical course in Yoga and deeply concentrated in it. I also tuned my mind telling me that if I had not taken this break, undergoing a beneficial course like this one would not have occurred.”

The process to boost your energy is simple but time consuming and you have to be patient. Firstly, you need to be conscious of your thoughts and willing to change for better. Only then will you be in a position to analyse yourself, your thoughts, and your reactions. Willing to change is an important catalyst to initiate transformation of your thoughts that will help boost your energies. Now let us answer this question

What makes you feel Energetic?

Brainstorm yourself and list out your energizers. Below are some energizers. Check whether you too have these.

• Exercise / Out door games / Yoga
• Listening to an inspiring CD
• Listening to your favorite music and dreaming as if you are one of the participants in the concert.
• Meditation
• Resolve some issues that was kept pending

Likewise, you can list umpteen numbers of situations. Once done include them in your daily routine to optimize your power. Be conscious of yourself and keep a watch of all the instances that change your attitude. Observe your moods and the output of all the activities. It is very essential to pat yourself the moment you have done some thing which you feel extraordinary.

Some useful tips to keep you energized.

1. Become fully conscious of your thoughts (I mean your attitudinal changes).

According to me, all problems arise from whatever profession you have chosen for a livelihood. I hope you agree with me. If not I would like to hear from you through your valuable comment. All of us spend a lot of time at work. Start accounting the time leaving from home and reaching back. Statistics says that on an average 40% to 50% of the time in a day spent by a working individual. This is quite a lot. You have occupied this portion of time to work for some one. Your superiors force you to lead a different life style. Therefore, it becomes essential that you find quickly a solution to overcome the boredom. As explained earlier, be fully conscious of your attitudinal changes at work. The best way is to question you.

These questions should not be consistently negative. This can lead to losing your energies. Question your mind with continuous positive, productive, and encouraging thoughts. Like

• What urged you to choose the existing profession?
• What are the salient features of the job that makes it interesting to you?
• Think of some one who is a performer and whom you have chosen as your role model. You will get              automatically attracted.
• Keep tracking your record of accomplishment. Monitor every activity. Create career goals and evolve the     distance to travel to reach them.

In doing so, you will get a clue of what is happening to you and you can change your thoughts accordingly to generate positive energy. Make it a point keep a watch on your thoughts and the next time a negative thought flashes your mind, take the time to acknowledge it, and be thankful to your mind to caution you, and then try to convert it positive thought.

This way you need to work on your thoughts continuously.

2. Change your behavior like an innocent kid
How to be energetic

Think back your childhood days. Did you ever face a stressful life? You were unaware about risks and took life carefree. Your enormous energy helped you happily running from one interest to another. As you grow older, you were conscious about the surroundings and limited your thoughts and actions. It is better you learn from kids, and you may be in a position to restore the lost energies. Carefully observe their innocence and try to be one with them. The best way is to spend a few hours playing with your kids.

3. Prepare a High-energy daily program

At Home:-

Getting a sound sleep in the night

Firstly, you need a proper eight hours sleep. It should be free and sound without any disturbance. A good night’s sleep will freshen up your moods to start a new day.

How can you accomplish this? I ensure the following

  • Finish your dinner by 07:30 pm. This allows your food to digest before you retire for your sleep.
  • Avoid exposure to computers, televisions or any activity that transmits images in your brain.
  • Avoid heated arguments
  • Try to play some simple games
  • Keep listening to some soft music
  • Do not consume any liquids when going to sleep

Getting a good start after you get up next day morning

Dream yourself as if you are in the peak of the world. Avoid all arguments. Gaze at any poster in front of you, which charges yourself with powerful motivation. Prepare for a stretching exercise coupled by a long walk and followed by light jogging. Jogging helps you to be active throughout the day hence your energy maintained.

To and from your workplace

If you are traveling long distance, ensure that you are ahead of time. When you reach your workplace, prepare a plan of activities to accomplish.

You need to be very careful with instances that let your energy low. Since these are unavoidable prepare you with a break to relieve yourself from the mental fatigue. Take deep breaths in between. This will allow higher intake of oxygen. At the end of the day, compare your plan versus actual activities accomplished. Check your status. Pay more attention to the activities not accomplished and identify the reason for not achieving. Plan counter measures to avoid. Roughly, plan the next day’s plan immediately.

On your return, back focus yourself to plan the evening with your family. You need to be very free and not remember instances that disturbed you at the workplace. Preferably, a quick evening shopping before reaching home is ideal. This should help you physically separate you from the disturbances at the workplace. You can ask your spouse to meet you at a place so that she can join you on your way back home. At home, get engrossed in the family affairs.

4. Drink enough purified quality water

Water helps flush out toxins from our body. Presence of toxins in our body can hamper your energies.

5. Spend some time with nature

You can derive immense pleasure watching nature’s creation and its beauty. watch and hear the beautiful sounds of chirping birds and small creatures around you. I always keep feeding birds and squirrels in my compound and it is very nice watching it eat what you have fed. Just try it and experience the pleasure.

6. Eat fresh, non-GMO foods

Rely on natural food supplements, since you will not be in a position to choose and select your daily requirements through your regular food intake. Consciously, stay away from sweets, fast foods, processed foods, quick snacks served in wayside restaurants.

7. Meditation

Meditation is the state of awareness/wakefulness when you experience a state of calm, disturbance free and un-scattered thoughts. Your thoughts are reduced to one. It is higher state where all the thought processes in your mind are within control. Practicing meditation helps keep you always in the present.

Do you have any points to add to our list above? What are the activities that leave you with a high energy level?

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