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Health Stem Cell Food Supplement

Stem cell supplements

What is Health Stem Cell food supplement?

They are extracts like any other dietary supplements from natural plants or herbs used in conjunction with our daily food to prevent illness.Scientists have revealed that Stem cell food supplement supports the natural role of stem cells.As you grow older the number of stem cells circulating in the bloodstream decreases, thereby exposing your body to various age-related illness or injury. Hense, Health Stem Cell food supplement is consumed daily to help increase the number of stem cells circulating in our bloodstream which helps the increase of tissue cells get replaced by fresh new healthy stem cells

increase the length of telomere by increasing the amount of TELOMERASE which is a naturally occurring enzyme in our body that adds new telomere gene sequences to the ends of telomeres to prevent or reduce the amount of telomere shortening with each copying of tissue cells
reduce oxidative stress and increase smooth unobstructed blood flow to the minutest capillary.Ensuring the total supply of nutrients, enzymes, stem cells and oxygen to the areas where needed.Therefore, in order maintain optimal function of all your tissues and the organs daily intake of Stem cell supplements become important.

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Why Stem Cell Food Supplements?

•Stem Cell nourishment is possible easily, at low costs, and effortlessly improves your number of distributing Adult Stem Cells.

•The more the number of stem cells in the blood, the more repair and restorative of tissues, leading to improved Wellness.

•Stem Cell nourishment can enhance the capability of stem cells to receive signals from cells that need repair and renewal.

•Stem Cell nourishment can enhance the movement of Adult Stem Cells to Tissues that need repair and renewal.

•The main advantage of the stem cell nutrition is to enhance their mood, and capability to concentrate on critical issues.

Scientists have identified various plants from which certain ingredients extracted for stem cell food supplements. All of them Promote human stem cell enhancing, the release of stem cells in the bloodstream and prevent stem cells from aging.

Apple Stem Cells (Malus Domestica) – extracted from a rare oldest species of apple tree which is capable of self-curing and has greater sustainability Unlike other species, Uttwiler Spatlauber Swiss apple’s stem cell has greater vitality.

Red Grapes Stem CellsSolar Vitis Grape Stem Cell is developed from the rare Gamay Teinturier Fréaux grape as the bioactive ingredient. The rare Gamay Teinturier Fréaux grape originated from Burgundy region of France, which contains an extremely high level of anthocyanin, therefore both the flesh and juice is red. It is rich in antioxidants which help to protect skin from free radicals generated by UV radiation. It extends cellular vitality to keep your skin young and always radiant.

Acai Berry – Acai Berry is the renowned super fruit used for improving beauty from the Amazon rainforest region. It has a rich source of anthocyanin and flavonoid, therefore a more powerful anti-oxidation effect than other berries. Acai berry’s antioxidant content measured by ORAC scale is 5 times higher than gingko, and 33 times greater than red wine. Apart from being a powerful antioxidant, Acai berry is also rich in omega fatty acids, amino acids, protein, minerals as well as vitamin A, B1, and E.

Blue Berry – Blueberry refers to indigo-colored berries. It originates from America, therefore is also known as American blueberry. High level of Anthocyanin present in blueberry fruit helps in eliminating eyestrain, improves night vision.Also, high pectin levels help decrease cholesterol, prevents atherosclerosis, and overall improvement of cardiovascular System health. Vitamin C present in blueberries prevents cancer, cardiac diseases, and degenerative nerve disease develops mind power as well as a good remedy for flu, cold, sore throat, and diarrhea.

Polygonum cuspidatum – Polygonum cuspidatum or Japanese Knotweed is the commercial source of Resveratrol, as well as red grape skin and red grape seed extract Polygonum cuspidatum herb, has been traditionally used to support health and rejuvenation now backed with scientific research. Numerous scientific studies suggest that an extract of Polygonum cuspidatum support the release of stem cells from the bone marrow.

Aphanizomenon flos-Aqua (AFA) - Super Blue-Green Algae - Aphanizomenon flos-squae (AFA) grows naturally in Klamath Lake in Oregon-USA. The scientist has researched and found that consuming AFA helps the release of abundant Our own Adult Stem cells from bone marrow, which again multiply into young healthy cells to renew and rejuvenate the tissues in our body.

Astragalus membranaceous - Astragalus contains three components saponins, flavonoids, and polysaccharides, which are all active compounds contained in certain plants, some fruits, and vegetables. Saponin lowers cholesterol, overall improves the defense mechanism system and prevents cancer. Flavonoids provide cell signaling. They are Antioxidants and eradicate free radicals, and can help prevent heart disease, cancer, and immunodeficiency viruses. Polysaccharides provide the antimicrobial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory capability.

Glutathione – is an important antioxidant in plants, animals, fungi, and some bacteria and archaea used by every cell and tissue in our body. Glutathione is capable of preventing damage to important cellular components caused by reactive oxygen species such as free radicals, peroxides, lipid peroxides, and heavy metals.

Above are the main stem cell supplement ingredients used by many manufacturers. There are some more ingredients not listed above but are used by stem cell nutrition suppliers that improve the overall wellness and improves the immunity power when consumed.

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