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What this blog is about 

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle adopts a 360-degree concept to wellness. They are the mind, body, spiritual wellness. We focus more on the attitudinal changes and perceptions that govern a healthy lifestyle.

As you, know that mental health is important at every stage of life. It affects how we think, feel, and act. It also helps how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices.     

Understanding today’s improper lifestyles leading to a greater amount of stress both in the case of younger and older people, I use this blog as a vehicle to share my experiences and practical tips for positive, joyful healthy living. 

I too have undergone, this similar mental trauma for several years, but have now managed to come out of it through my vast reading, attending training programs, self-examination, practicing, and continuous monitoring.  

Here you will find posts about mind, body, spirit wellness, and creative living explained in a very simple easy to understand style.     

Why maintaining a healthy lifestyle blog?

 Many of my viewers are quite busy in their professions. They are constantly striving to achieve perfection amidst stiff competitions. They also want to thrive in other areas of life like

·         Setting up a family
·         Building a home with all facilities
·         Socializing with friends and relatives
·         Children’s  education and bright career
·         Entertainment
·         Spiritual activities

Similarly, you may also have many aspirations in life. The numbers vary, but the drive to achieve your goal is the same.  You are amid your goals, trying to put all your efforts, energy and money. You have so many things to do. You might also think that 24 hours in a day is not sufficient to meet all your demands.

The end result is that

Most of the time and effort are occupied in fulfilling your vision. Being qualified professionals you also fail to maintain a proper work-life balance. Finally, health and personal development are the areas normally overlooked by many. Have you felt like this?

Watch this video from Sadguru with his advice.The new generation despite having a good earning don't end up in wellbeing , a gem of an advice to all the youths from sadhguru

I have felt the same

I was in a similar situation. I struggled for years. It was in the year 2008 when I had a short break in my career, I realized that I have to set aside a portion of the time out of my daily activities for my health and personal development.      

My busy schedule eats away also the time I need to spend for myself. Health: The most important aspect of life gets a low priority.

My conclusion

Less time for your health breeds health issues. Finally, leads to loss of happiness.

So, from then on I made it a point to devote at least 10 hours in a week to re-organize and practice activities that help me keep in good health and happiness.

So the message that I would like to share is, your health is in your hands, protect it and you will have everything in life.

He who has health has hope, and he who has hope has everything – Arabian proverb   Tweet this now      

Having changed myself, I wanted to share this with everyone. But I was not sure how exactly to do that.

I came across my old school friend Janet who was an expert blogger. She recommended I start a blog, but I was not sure about building one. It took almost two full years to start a blog.

So, I decided to launch this blog where I can drive a message with a hope to bring small transitions in the lives of young professionals who are the future of this world.

I have started this blog very recently (the Year 2016). Since I was not an expert website professional, it took more time for me to align my website to acceptable standards. I keep modifying my blog so that it meets the reader’s requirements.

I am not a physician or a health guru; I am a sincere, an honest person who would like to share my thoughts about maintaining a healthy lifestyle through simple lifestyle changes.

I have categorized this under four headings, Healthy Thoughts, Nutrition, ExerciseHealthy Eating, and Healthy Living Practices. Wherever possible I have also given my honest reviews, best picks to help you quickly search the best, proven and cheapest products.

So, start now to maintain a healthy lifestyle by taking good care of your mind, eat healthy foods, be active and allocate some time in a week to master yoga. By caring for yourself you can bring a positive change within your family as well as outside in your workplace.

Start making changes to yourself, then spread to your family, friends and your community, and finally extend the same to the whole world. There are plenty of ways to embark on a wellness journey; just dive in and you can see the results. Select what you feel is more suitable for you and your friends.

I am a native of Coimbatore, State - Tamil Nadu, Country - India. I worked in the position of General Manager in several companies and have also dealt with many people at all levels in the industry.

Actually, there is no complicated science behind what I am have explained in my blog. I have simply identified a way to concentrate on more of what matters and less of what doesn’t.


K Viswanathan

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