5 ways how to improve your health - Maintaining Healthy Lifestyle

5 ways how to improve your health

Let’s start this post off with Jim Rohn’sbeautiful quote. “Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live in.” – Jim Rohn

I am terribly inspired by this quote. If you take care of it now you will earn rich dividends when you grow older which is a safe place to live. 


If you don’t take care of it now, you will not take care of it forever.

Don’t you want to live and enjoy every moment of your life? I am sure the answer is “Yes”.

So, watch your current lifestyle, if they are detrimental to your health change them for better health.

The secret of good health for longer years lies in the adjustment of your lifestyles both physically and mentally to cope up with the various disturbances in your life cycle.


This is something I didn't completely understand and realize until I joined my first employment as an engineer.

Till then, I lived a life with no proper and systematic style. I never used to care about my food habits and healthy lifestyle.

It took almost five years after my first employment to realize Jim Rohm's words when I came across an article about deaths fuelled by diet and lifestyle factors.

Later news on the 'The Telegraph' said that "bad diets and unhealthy lifestyle have become the biggest threat to life expectancy, fuelling 7 out of 10 deaths, which a major study had found."

This was a point to be taken very seriously if you are concerned about longevity.

I analyzed my lifestyle, my habits, and my regular activities and decided to change from the kind of foods that I consume (normally junk fast foods), my habits (I was smoking), and my activities (mostly sedentary lifestyle)    

So today, I am going to share the various steps taken to change my lifestyle.    

A short definition.

What is maintaining a healthy lifestyle?

Here is my definition. All that is required that helps you enjoy life to the fullest. Health is not just about preventing diseases and illness. It is about maintaining physical, mental, and social wellbeing. 

In this blog, my aim is to help you decide to make the best healthier choices in your lifestyle that give you opportunities to enjoy life longer.
Maintaining a healthy Lifestyle generally, means a design of individual methods and personal individuality choices related to elevated or reduced wellness risks.

Lifestyles are born out of lots of causes, from child year’s factors to individuality makeup to impact in the social, physical, economic, and governmental conditions. Thus, initiatives to encourage wellness methods should also promote conditions that support them.

Many individuals worry about creating a balanced lifestyle change because it involves a huge process to reorganize everything they do. 

The actuality is that you should begin with a small step. Little by little, you can develop your way up to the best lifestyle possible, but have a bit of your time to integrate that. For example, if you are addicted to using tobacco, concentrate on giving up.

This is just one of the benefits of taking a long hard look at the lifestyle that you lead, and then figuring out where to start. Never try to create all the changes at once, for you will absolutely fall short as you experience confusion.

The 5 Simple Healthy Life Style Areas

A healthy life is the result of a healthy lifestyle you adopt. Normally a healthy lifestyle includes     
Here’s a fancy infographic with my overview of the approach to maintaining a healthy lifestyle:

The above infographics are self-explanatory. if you need a copy for reference.

We are working hard to give you as much information as possible on the above points through our personal experience. We also help our readers to identify certain products that we feel best and that would save much of your time and stress in selecting the best both from the quality and cost point of view. You can make an unbiased decision when it comes to purchasing.

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                      Healthy Thoughts

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The human body requires seven major types of nutrients like protein, carbohydrate, fat, vitamin, mineral, fiber, and water. However, the foods you eat no longer contain the nutrient levels you require for optimal health for many reasons. This affects your normal enzyme function and biochemical reactions. Therefore, food supplements are very essential to maintain optimum health. Depending on natural products can help act as a good food supplement and stay free from diseases. Our favorite, the ceremonial grade WOW Matcha green tea powder would be one of the best to be included in your daily diet for optimum health.

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Healthy Eating

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Healthy Eating! It is a thing everyone knows that they should practice. However, many start this good habit but are not consistent with their attempts. The reason is they fall prey to some nutritionist who suggests stricter rules. The book Indian Super Foods-Change the way you eat by Rujuta Diwekar explains simple foods prepared with daily food items that can change you. 


Exercise keeps you fit, flexible, and young enough to perform any activity. Be it yoga, strength training, weight exercises all of them need some or other equipment or accessories. Make sure you select the best and proven ones to perform better. Searching for the best exercise equipment, yoga accessories, and medical equipment, we can help you identify the best. We have tested a dozen yoga mats and Jade Harmony mats were rated the best considering the quality and cost. This mat also performs best in hot yoga sessions because apart from the good traction that this mat gives during yoga practice it also absorbs sweat instantly. Therefore no slip during hot yoga sessions.    
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Healthy Living Practices

Being healthy means eating a variety of healthy nutritious foods, being physically and mentally active, understanding the kind of nutrients you need per day to protect your bones, to protect yourself from the external pollutions, to protect your brain functions, and perfect metabolism.

However, along with this, there are many more healthy practices you need to adopt like having a good night’s sleep, refraining from smoking and alcohol, safety, a clean and healthy environment, etc. Keep reading here for more updates.

Change now for a better tomorrow - Don’t Wait

Making a lifestyle modify is also something that many individuals usually put off like what I did. They figure out that at some point in time they are going to do the right lifestyle, but for now, they are quite relaxed with where they are.

Here is the reality—if you never create the necessary changes now it can appear later as a wellness issue. Do not delay. Modifying the way you eat, schedule your workout plan, or the way in which you live, think, and tackle your issues can confirm to be quite effective towards the prevention of various diseases. Prevention is better than cure.

As you focus on making a lifestyle change, think about all the benefits you can reap. Will it be an adjustment? Sure, it will, but one that is well worth it. You will feel better, have more energy, likely avoid illness more often, prevent potential health problems down the road, and you will probably even look better in the process.

So why wait?

Learn what the meaning of a healthy lifestyle is, and then make the necessary changes. A little bit of adjustment now is well worth the results of better health that you will gain later.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle takes commitment and hard work plus spending and admiring lots of time with nature.


We need to be very conscious of our daily activities, our lifestyle. Today’s fast lifestyle has blindfolded us.
-          We seldom take a moment to think are we leading the right kind of lifestyle to stay healthy mentally and physically.
-          We do not check whether there are a full flow and balance of our energies.
-          We often are forced to neglect the right kind of foods to be consumed and rely on junk foods. 
-          We are normally engrossed in activities like the ones listed below not knowing the ill effects on human health.      

- Hurried eating
- Skipping meals
- Less time for Exercise
- Addiction to smoking & alcohol consumption
- Stress & Anxiety
- Bad environmental conditions
- Excessive medication
- High intake of caffeine beverages

With the discovery of new diseases outnumbering the discovery of new cures and the environment pollution assaulting human health, we need to find better ways of protecting and preventing ourselves. We need to be conscious of adopting a safe lifestyle to combat diseases.

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