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What is so special about matcha green tea?

matcha tea benefits

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In this episode, we talk about What is so special about matcha green tea?. There are 9 matcha tea benefits that provide good health benefits. Matcha comes from the same tea plant as most other teas, however, these types of tea possess much more natural powerful goodness. The botanical name of Matcha green tea is Camellia sinensis. However, the process adopted to enhance the nutrient profile is different from other tea.


  • [01:34] - The 5 reasons why should you take matcha green tea
  • [01:41] - 1:Matcha is a special form of Tea.
  • [02:45] - 2:Matcha is a powerful drink with many health benefits.
    • Matcha is powerful because of the high anti-oxidants present in it. Various studies have proved it.
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      Matcha has a higher percentage of L-Thianine a calming amino acid.
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  • [04:38] - 3:Matcha helps you meditate by keeping you wakeful/mindful.
    • Meditation helps you stay wakeful/mindful throughout the day, and matcha helps you do that.
    • References: Study 4 proves this fact.
  • [07:23] - 4:Matcha contains permissible levels of caffeine.
    • Coffee drinkers normally experience a sudden stimulation after consuming espresso or brewed coffee, but after one hour causes spikes in adrenaline glucose and insulin levels, which in cause of jitteriness, nervousness, and extreme hunger making your limbs tired. Whereas that is not case with matcha.
    • References: Study 5 explains the effect of daily matcha and coffee.
  • [09:14] - 5:Matcha can be included as an ingredient in many recipes.
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