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How to control anger

How to control anger

Podcast - 3

In this episode we talk about how to control anger. There are 9 ways you can think of releasing it.Anger is a negative emotion that affects the growth of a person. Showing your anger may make you feel very powerful at first, but can have a long-term negative effect on you as well as others.Tune in and hear about the 9 ways you can think of releasing your anger.


  • [01:480] - The 9 ways
  • [01:51] - 1:Analyze your behaviour to recognize triggers and find alternatives when you start getting angry.
    • Referance: A study has found that you can choose healthy ways to thwart out anger before it does any harm to your health.
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  • [03:59] - 2:Try to restructure the thoughts and think before you speak.
  • [05:30] - 3:Change your surroundings to calm your anger.
  • [06:22] - 4:Take deep breaths to ease your anger.
  • [08:49] - 5:Get some exercise. Exercising helps you even better to cut back your stress and anger.
  • [10:47] - 6:Control anger using effective communication
  • [12:35] - 7:Recite a comforting mantra.
  • [14:11] - 8: Engaging yourself in an interesting and meaningful work is a good way to release anger.
  • [15:47] 9:Use Humor and Laughter to Diffuse Anger

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