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AboutMaintaininghealthylifestyle.com aims to focus exceptionally on the attitudinal changes and perceptions that govern healthy lifestyle.As you, know that mental health is important at every stage of life. It affects how we think, feel, and act. It also helps how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices.

Understanding today’s improper lifestyles leading to greater amount of stress both in case of younger and older people, I use this blog as a vehicle to share my experiences and practical tips for positive, joyful healthy living. I too have undergone, this similar mental trauma for several years, but have now managed to come out of it through my vast reading, self-examination, practicing, and continuous monitoring.  

Here you will find posts about mind, body, spirit wellness, and creative living explained in a very simple easy to understand style.I have also explained about how stem cells help you to maintain optimal wellness. There are tutorials and reviews giving a clear insight about stem cell food supplements that directly stimulates naturally the endogenous adult stem cells in the tissues which are the safest, quickest and cost-effective ways of tissue regeneration to repair malfunctioning organs. We hope you find our resource useful.      

About MeMy name is K Viswanathan. I am a native of Coimbatore, State - Tamilnadu, Country - India. I was born in Mumbai and graduated from a very reputed engineering college. I am a mechanical engineering graduate by profession. My favorite subjects were engineering drawing and a strong liking for production engineering. I have worked in the position of General Manager Operations in several companies.

I can say I am an honest, responsible, and hardworking person. I believe in putting 90% effort myself rather than depending on others to help me perform a task. The rest I leave it to my luck. I first create such an atmosphere around me that keeps me enthusiastic and I think this is a strong point of mine.     

I have faced many rejections in life but could counter everything due to my strong desire to keep myself happy. I continued to keep going amidst many difficulties.

I consider Spirituality as the most important part of my life. I believe spiritual strength can overcome all hardship in life. I am not a highly spiritual person but I believe that having a strong spiritual outlook may help you find the meaning in life’s difficult situations.

My hobbies are reading articles on spirituality, cooking, trying new recipes, and painting, photography, admiring the beauty of nature, traveling and visiting ancient places of worship.

You can also see my professional experience in all the companies I had worked.

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