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Last Update:Wednesday, 27 April 2016

9 ways to get your anger out

ways to get your anger out

Anger is a negative emotion that affects the growth of a person. Showing your anger may make you feel very powerful at first, but can have a long-term negative effect on you as well as others. Since anger is invisible; you often spend your time and energy in dealing with the ill effects of your outburst rather than self-examining the root cause of this mood change. One has to deal with anger scientifically at the grass root level. Here are some proven steps

1. Deeply analyze yourself when you begin to feel angry.

This is the first step to controlling your anger. One has to identify what your anger is about, notice the situation around you, and notice the thought that comes along with it. Most importantly notice also the warning signals that you get as the aftermath of anger. Reasons for getting angry could be many like anyone touching your ego, problems at work or school, stress, traffic jams, money worries, and relationship conflicts are some of the unpleasant situations normally trigger anger.

2. Try to restructure your thoughts that help you be calm.

This means changing the way you think or react whenever you come across any unpleasant situation. When you are angry, your thinking can get very wild and over dramatic. You tend to curse, swear, or speak in a highly rough tone that hurts them. The best way to tackle is to alter your thoughts when you are about to get angry. Always keep watching your mood, alert yourself the moment you lose temper on others, and react logically. Logic defeats anger, even if anger is justified.

You might have observed that most angry people are always demanding in their approach. They are very stubborn in nature and feel great joy in getting things done their way. However, very often the responses they get from their counterpart are disappointing. Such people react very quickly instantaneously displaying their frustration and disappointment in the form of harsh words. Angry people need to become aware of their demanding nature and translate their expectations into desires. For instance, try using "I would like" something is healthier than saying, "I demand" or "I must.”

3. Change your place to calm your anger.

Sometimes our environment may be a cause for us to trigger our anger. For instance, if you are in a meeting with your juniors, and you expect them to prepare some answers to the questionnaire that you have circulated. The responses from them would be unsatisfactory, not meeting your requirements; obviously, this situation can trigger your anger. Be calm; take your time to respond, just walk out of the room in the pretext of going to the washroom or a to drink a glass of water. Return and tackle the situation smartly.

4. Try some yogic relaxation techniques to ease your anger.

Slow deep breathing is a very good way to relax. Inhale as deeply as you can through your nose. Expand your stomach and chest, and then exhale through your mouth. Ensure during inhaling your nostrils are clear for air passage. In case, you feel your nose blocked try some mild workouts like jogging in the same place and then restart the breathing exercise. Perform the breathing in and out for a couple of minutes whenever you get angry.

There are good courses available on the internet that helps you practice this safe relaxation technique. Renowned yoga gurus have also released CD’s that guide your thoughts to serene places through imagination thereby relaxing you. On hearing the soothing music, chants, and mantras, you forget yourself and imagine yourself in a different world.

Hatha yoga, a form of yogic non-strenuous postures, help you stretch your muscles and calm the entire body.

5. Exercising helps you even better to reduce your stress and anger.

Regular walking, jogging, bicycling are good and natural ways to reduce stress and anger. Exercise releases chemicals in the brain that will help you relax. In addition, exercise usually takes you away from a stressful situation, gives you time to think and help you generate more energy.

6. Finding solutions to problems is the way to get your anger released.

Sometimes, our anger and frustration caused by very real and inescapable problems in our lives can be resolved amicably. Angry people normally fix a permanent image of others in their mind. This image could have happened on account any previous incident. This image acts as a mental block and prevents them from further communicating with the other person.

The best thing would be to organize a meeting with him/her in a peaceful place. Allow the other person to say what they want to talk about their feelings and needs. Jointly, find an amicable solution benefitting both of you. If necessary, you could also take the help of a third person to intervene in your issues.

Turbulent past relationship derived from your childhood days can also lead to anger. If you have been in a hurting and dominating relationships in childhood days, there is every possibility of accumulating anger within. After a certain age, this shows up in the form sudden outburst, which will confuse people around you not knowing what triggered the anger. The best way to get a remedy from this is to consult a hypnotherapist who can help you overcome these negative effects through a process called “Inner child healing.”

7. Refraining from drugs or alcohol helps you to be good to yourself and take out your anger.

Ensure that you have a good night’s natural sleep without the use drugs and alcohol.Consult a doctor to identify the root cause of sleeplessness. Try some natural tips.

8. Engaging yourself in an interesting and meaningful work is a good way of releasing anger.

You very often act on ideas that are not your own. You normally see the situations happening around you and act imitating them. This is mainly due to the fast competitive pace of living. As a result, you lose your ability to think creatively i.e. we make little use of the creative right brain. Prolonged exposure to such type of living leads you to a meaningless and unproductive life. Such a state develops stress and anger within you. Whenever you encounter such a situation, you should alert yourself and create a healthy lifestyle that has plenty of scope for creativity.

9. Using the power of affirmation is the best way to repair anger.
Some people in their sub-conscious level develop thoughts that create anger within them. Again, this could be due to past relationship our unpleasant situations lingering in their minds. This can further disturb your sleep and cause weakness thereafter. In such case, you can use the power of affirmation to repair situations. Your subconscious mind is active when you are falling asleep; during this period, it is best to use affirmations. Before sleeping, affirm to yourself, ‘I am peaceful’. Affirm to yourself these words for at least 20 or more number of times, you will get released within weeks.

Experts recommend that anger and stress can be managed relatively easily if one were to talk and share these feelings with someone, either a close friend or relative, or a counselor who would help him see the way through the tension and achieve happy results.

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