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Attracting positive energy: How to get positive energy in life?

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Every one of us wants to be happy and successful in life. We all want to elevate ourselves morally or spiritually. We want to exhibit a positive attitude everywhere and every time.

Staying positive and maintaining a positive attitude is not easy. Our positive attitude can diminish when you are constantly bombarded with failures, disappointment, and negativity.

The outside world is very arrogant and notorious and does not care about your positive attitude. The outside world simply desires to keep them satisfied at the cost of someone being unhappy.

Every challenge you face withdraws from you the energy that you have accumulated, thus making you weak and reducing the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. Your faith is also affected over a period of time.

There is a sudden lack of positive energy in you and you do not know how to cope with having drained off all the positive energy.

We cannot avoid bad days, but with a few simple tricks, you can avoid letting that negativity to take charge of you.

Why is it necessary to attract positive energy?

A high energy state or positive energy is the state of the body with a high level of capacity. We perform any activity vigorously or tirelessly. It is a situation when our bodies and minds are coordinated. It is one of the happiest occasions. We feel enormously enthusiastic.

If your energy/vibration/positive energy whatever you call is stagnant, you are sailing in the negative energy band. No matter what you are doing, you will have to struggle for your existence. The negative forces engulf you like being wrapped up in a thick black suffocating gas.

It could be that you are constantly carrying the negative energy because of dissatisfied salary structure, ill-treatment by your superiors in the job and this keeps lingering deep inside your brains even after returning home tired. This prevents you from enjoying your family after your return.

Maybe your marital relationship is in jeopardy and the tensions caused are hammering your brain while interacting with various activities in your life. In short, you feel totally drained of your energy to perform any activity with enthusiasm and interest. It may be a small activity but looks as though you have to move the mountain.

You are a being made up of different energy levels: physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional energy. The combined effect of all these energies forms the energy of a human being. Each one has a different impact on you.

Your energy level is higher when you have controlled thoughts, good health, positive emotions, and more spiritually aware. On the contrary, if your energy is lower, then your thoughts are uncontrolled, poor health, negative emotions, and absolutely no spiritual awareness.

Therefore, if your energy is lower, then you tend to attract all the negative energy wherever you are and dissipate the unpleasant environment around you. Conversely, a higher energy being will attract all the positive energy and progress towards the path of betterment.

The scientist has revealed that positive thinking is not only being happy but something more than that. Positive thoughts create a bigger impact in shaping your personality, heals you from within supercharges you with incredible skills that help you reach bigger goals.

How to have a positive energy that can revive your life to the fullest

Some are lucky to attract positive energy easily whereas for some it is difficult. Whatever be the state, a constant effort made sincerely can you change your life dramatically.

Here are 7 things you can do to help revive your positive energy:

    1. Become fully conscious of your thoughts (I mean your attitudinal changes).
    2. According to me, all problems arise from whatever profession you have chosen for a livelihood. I hope you agree with me. If not I would like to hear from you through your valuable comment.

      All of us spend a lot of time at work. Start accounting the time leaving home and reaching back. Statistics say that on average 40% to 50% of the time in a day spent by a working individual. This is quite a lot. You have occupied this portion of the time to work for someone.

      Your superiors force you to lead a different lifestyle. Therefore, it becomes essential that you find quickly a solution to overcome boredom. As explained earlier, be fully conscious of your attitudinal changes at work.

      Negative emotions and thoughts narrow your brain and force you to react with a specific action. So every time you feel angry, annoyed, or fearful, you involuntarily do not see anything around you and react with limited options.

      For instance, if you are annoyed with your boss’s treatment you spontaneously, erupt in response either by replying back roughly or showing a negative approach to your work itself. Whereas what is expected is to be calm and question you with some self-talk.

      If you feel bad about a certain situation that is happened to you, your negative energy will overpower you.

      The best way is to question you.

      These questions should not be consistently negative. This can lead to losing your energy. Question your mind with continuous positive, productive, and encouraging thoughts. Like

      • What urged you to choose the existing profession?
      • What are the salient features of the job that makes it interesting to you?
      • Think of someone who is a performer and whom you have chosen as your role model. You will get automatically attracted.
      • Keep tracking your record of accomplishment. Monitor every activity. Create career goals and evolve the distance to travel to reach them.

      In doing so, you will get a clue of what is happening to you and you can change your thoughts accordingly to generate positive energy.

      Make it a point keep a watch on your thoughts and the next time a negative thought flashes your mind, take the time to acknowledge it, and be thankful for your mind to caution you, and then try to convert it into a positive thought.

      This way you need to work on your thoughts continuously.

    3. Avoid being in the company of negative minded people
    4. You have to stay away from people who have a negative approach to everything they do. Gossiping is normally one of the worst unethical traits of negative minded people.

      Gossiping is so toxic that it lowers your positive energy and increases the negative energy. It works in both ways by either gossiping yourself with others or listening to gossips from your friends.

      I had a bitter experience in my job when I was awarded a low raise in salary. My peers like me in the company were complaining about the management’s partial approach while deciding the salary revisions. Frankly, I was more dejected and applied for weeks' leave. I shouldn’t have done that but since I had very limited options to vent out I proceeded on a week’s leave.

      So, every time if you allow others to touch your energy body, you tend to lower your positive energy and the negative energy in you will gain momentum.

      Therefore, the best way to prevent your positive energy from lowering, choose the right company of friends with whom you can share your ideas and discuss various project plans in your profession. It is as good as surrounding you with positive energy.

      Discussing topics that motivate you and your friends for betterment is a way of surrounding yourself with positive energy vibes and amplifying them.

      “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” -Eleanor Roosevelt

    5. Avoid brooding and discussing your past problems.
    6. We all need to vent out our feelings once in a while. But venting our problems with trusted people who will just listen and provide a supportive action during the times when we are feeling low is good.

      However, there is a limit where you can talk about your problems often. Crossing these limits can even become addicted to your negative experiences and emotions.

      Every time you talk about a bad experience to others, you are developing more space in your mind to think negatively. The more you feel like experiencing your problems with others, the more you are dwelling on that negativity and pain.

      It is simple; the more energy you spend talking about your problems, the more it persists.

      This does not mean that you should never talk about your problems with others, but you should try to do it in a healthy way.

      Here are some practical and useful rules to observe the next time you feel the need to talk about your problems with others.

      How to talk about problems in a healthy way and channeling positive energy

      • Choose the right people to talk to.
      • Do not overload anyone and talk beyond anyone’s limit to hear.
      • Do not exaggerate to attract attention.
      • Use humor to narrate your problems.
      • Practice writing your problems for 5-10 min(The brain drain exercise)
      • Focus on solutions vs. problems. (Express your problems in the form of solutions)

    7. Daily Meditation
    8. Meditation is a process of dissociating yourself from your thoughts and emotions. It helps you be in the present moment, generate ample positive energy to face life.

      Research shows that daily meditation displays more positive emotions than those who do not meditate. Those who meditated daily, increases a wide range of personal capabilities like mindfulness, purpose in life, social support, being in the present moment, and decreased illness.

      The best way to meditate is to sit cross-legged with your spine erect on a soft cushion. Ensure that all your rest points are on the cushion. Allow a few moments to relax your body and that there is no discomfort in any part of the body. Close your eyes and focus on any one specific object - it could be your breath sensation or a particular object outside of you. You have to try to focus strongly on one point. If your mind wanders (often is the case) do not worry it is natural but do not participate in it let it pass on its own and bring your attention back to that focal point. For a beginner, this can happen frequently but you can gain control after practice.

      Actually, during meditation, our brains stop processing the information as actively as they normally would. This is because of the decrease in beta waves. Our brains begin to calm down and go into a restful state. As the thoughts dissociate after a while during meditation, we experience positivity as a result performance improves.

    9. Regular Exercise
    10. Physical exercise involving brisk movements helps remove stress and keeps you mentally fresh. If you are in a state of worry before exercising, pushups are a very effective medicine to forget your worries, and finally, your brain starts functioning with ease.

      People who exercise regularly tend to maintain this regime because it gives them a great sense of well-being. Apart from feeling more energetic throughout the day, better sleep pattern, sharper memories, you feel more relaxed and positive in their lives.

      One of the important benefits of exercising is that your body releases BDNF (Brain-derived neurotrophic factor) a kind of protein that supports in repairing damaged brain cells. If the brain cells are repaired, rejuvenated obviously improves our mental health and positivity.

      Our body also produces endorphins in response to brisk physical exercise. Endorphins are chemicals produced by the body that help reduce pain and trigger positive feelings.

      These chemicals are secreted from the pituitary gland of the brain during periods of brisk exercise, emotional stress, pain, and orgasm. Endorphins help relieve pain and induce feelings of enjoyment or euphoria.

      Exercise is also one of the activities used by psychologists to cure patients with negative feelings and mood disorders. The treatment used is called behavioral activation. In this treatment, they channel positive energy and increase the amount of positive engagement a person experiences, and they end negative behavior patterns that cause depression to worsen. Therefore, replacing negative avoidant behaviors with new rewarding behaviors increases a person's positive feelings and reduces negative behavior.

    11. Start recollecting the moments of gratitude and record every day.
    12. Many types of research are published about people writing their positive experiences on a daily basis to have improved their mood levels.

      Showing gratitude to others is good for you and is not difficult. Science has also backed by evidence that by being thankful for what we have in our lives, improve your wellbeing. One of the simplest ways to indicate thankfulness on a day to day is to create a gratitude journal.

      Making a point to write down all the incidences that you are grateful for can make a big impact on your attitude.

      Maintaining a gratitude journal is reminds you of the things that you are grateful for throughout your life. The inspiration that you can get from this great collection of material can keep you going. There is no standard practice of how to maintain a gratitude journal; you can decide the length and detail of each incidence and the number of gratitude each day.

      Following are the benefits of writing a gratitude journal

      • Increases positivity
      • Improves self-esteem
      • Better sleep
      • Makes you happy
      • Reduces stress

    13. Laughter is the best medicine
    14. It is very much true: laughter is the best medicine. Laughter boosts your immune system, mood, diminishes pain, and provides a shield from stress-related damages. A good laugh helps balance your mind and body faster. Humor that often triggers a laugh makes you resolve your burdens, by giving hopes. Normally, humor improves relationships and more approachable. It also helps you dissipate anger, remove misunderstanding, and pardon sooner.

      Do you remember your childhood days? You used to laugh merrily every time in a day because your minds are free from burden, worries, and carefree. It is only when you have grownup you have so many desires, worry, and heavily burdened that you forget a smile on your face.

      Even if you are alone you can enjoy watching comic video scenes on YouTube channel and laugh your heart out.

      Best of all, this free of cost medicine is easy to use and needs no effort.

      So, the benefits of laughter are as follows

      • Relaxes the whole body and makes you lighter increasing positivity.
      • Triggers the release of endorphins – feel-good chemicals and induce feelings of pleasure or euphoria.
      • Helps burn calories
      • Boots out the immune system making you resistant to diseases.
      • Increases blood flow in the blood vessels and protecting your heart
      • Best way to diffuse anger is to convert conflicts into humor share a laugh.
      • Best remedy to prolong your lifespan.


I want to remind you that it is important to keep in mind how to attract positive energy. Finally, being positive brings a whole lot of good things into your life. Be it in the office or at home. You are the main player here and interacting with young and older groups of people.

It is very essential to have total control of yourself in whatever situation you are in. Many do not take notice of this aspect but allow themselves to get overpowered by the negative feelings.

I have identified 7 good methods of how to create positive energy. Some of them like,

  • become fully conscious of your thoughts
  • avoid being in the company of negative minded people
  • avoid brooding, and discussing your past problems
  • .

    Over to you now

    Right now, I wanted you to do one thing:

    Specifically, I want you to leave a comment describing your strategy of positive energy attraction.

    For example:

    How do you manage yourself when you feel drained of positive energy?

    Have you undergone any counseling session with an expert helping you recharge the lost positive energy?

    Any other specific points you would like to suggest making my above strategies still better? I’ll be glad to learn from you and add them as an update to this blog.

    So, please leave a comment.

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