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Where to buy matcha tea

Where to buy matcha tea

Have you selected your matcha retailer? Many have faced issues with retailers.

Beware of seller’s terms and conditions and most importantly the service quality to make sure your matcha green tea online retailer is trustworthy. Because once you are satisfied with the product you need to make repeat orders.

I am going to give you some insights into what you need to check with the matcha tea online retailer.

When I had talked to my friends about my experiences after drinking the first matcha in Japan, many asked me about this magic drink. There were mainly two questions repeatedly asked.
  • Where to buy good quality Japanese matcha green tea powder?
  • How to select the best Japanese matcha green tea?

At that time I was researching with various Japanese matcha brands that I could buy in India easily and standardize one brand as my routine drink.

So having collected information about matcha tea powder, I decided to prepare a comprehensive matcha buying guide

Where to buy matcha tea

with all the necessary links, you should know about matcha.

You will find on the internet a plethora of matcha green tea powder brands. Selecting the best matcha green tea brand out of the big list is difficult. Especially for those who have not tasted matcha at all. There are plenty of offline and online matcha traders coming out with new brands. Selecting the best keeping in mind the quality, cost and origin become a tough task.   Beginners should take the help of someone who had already tried several brands of matcha green tea powder to start a matcha routine.

I have prepared a simple infographic that explains tips you should consider before buying matcha. Now having known all about matcha, where to buy matcha?

There are both matcha offline sellers and matcha online sellers.

Offline matcha sellers

Matcha craze all over the world, due to its many health benefits one can derive has led to increased offline sellers in the market. But the disadvantage of buying from them is that these sellers do not have a transparent customer review which makes it difficult to judge the quality of matcha. The advantage is that you can interact directly with the offline trader but there is no guarantee you will not get a satisfactory reply.

If you are a regular matcha buyer and have tasted specific brands, relying on offline sellers is a good choice.

Online matcha sellers

The best place to buy organic matcha green tea powder is through an online store. However, like offline, there are also plenty of online matcha sellers. Starting an online matcha store is very easy, but the quality of service to customers varies from retailer to retailer. Do check the service quality of every online retailer before placing an order with them.

List of service quality expectations from customers buying online

  • Online retailers must have a transparent review system in place. A genuine customer review from thousands of verified matcha buyers is a must to help prospective buyers to take a decision.
  • Online sellers must define clear shipping and return policy. The absence of these policies can mislead customers; finally, the customers lose money without product satisfaction.
  • A detailed product description. Ample product specifications help the customer to select the best matcha online. Product specifications like weight, packing method, quality certification body, date of manufacture, expiry date, harvest type, grade, grinding method, etc.
  • Matcha being a health product, online sellers must necessarily have a satisfaction guarantee. Indicating such guarantee in their sites generates confidence in the minds of the customers, that if the product fails to satisfy the purchaser, then the purchaser is eligible for a refund after the return.
  • Best prices. Customers should get the best price available anywhere.
  • Huge selection. Online traders must display a large number of sellers for a given search term. This means that the buyer can make an accurate price comparison and make sure the right product is ordered.
  • Reliability. Once ordered in any online retailer, the delivery date should be very precisely mentioned and the same be followed. This helps customers to make arrangements to receive their product instead of the product being returned back to the retailer due to customer not available in the address.
  • Fast and cheap. One of the biggest problems of an online purchase is the extra cost of shipping. Many online stores add on an extra $+ for shipping, which ultimately, makes the online bargain, costlier. Shipping speeds are a matter of concern. Delivery times should be curtailed so that the customer is in a position us the product immediately after ordering.
Before buying anything from an online store, please ensure that your online retailer meets all the above requirements.

I believe that the only online retailer who has incorporated all the service quality expectations required by the customer in their system is Amazon. Amazon is customer-centric and has built a very good trust in consumers over the years.

So, Amazon is the best online retailer for all the products you want to shop.

I had the opportunity to review 5 brands of matcha green tea powder and all of them are from Amazon.

Here is the list of Matcha green tea tasted by me.

Tin Qty
1Kenko MatchaNishio30CeremonialUSDA, Kosher, Vegan15234.6
2Midori Spring MatchaAichi, Kagoshima100CeremonialUSDA, Kosher, Vegan5894.6
3Gekirei MatchaKyoto30CeremonialUSDA, JONA624.4
4WOW MatchaJapan100CeremonialJAS134.7
5Viva Naturals MatchaJapan28CeremonialJAS7104.1

Please take a look at the other important topics about matcha

PS: You can use your own search term below to get a comparison of various brands.


I hope I have projected a very clear idea of where can you buy matcha tea. Normally every consumer would like to get the best deal for the money spent on any quality product. So, identifying a trusted source that can satisfy all the customer requirement becomes the most important criteria. Matcha being a health product which has become popular throughout the world due to its various health benefits needs to be purchased from a genuine retailer who has a very good track record. Ever since I started buying products online I don’t rely on any other online retailer but Amazon. So the best place to buy matcha green tea powder is Amazon!

Over to you now

Right now, I wanted you to do one thing:

Specifically, I want you to leave a comment about your best online retailer to shop matcha

For example :

  • How comfortable are you after purchasing matcha green tea powder from your online retailer?
  • Have the products been delivered to you on time as promised?
  • Any other observation and experiences you have had after you have purchased from your online retailer.
I’ll be glad to learn from you and add them as an update to this blog.

So, leave a comment.

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