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Last Update:Sunday, 11 November 2018

Everything you need to know about Matcha tea

Match green tea powder

Matcha green tea has been talked about everywhere, but it's not the same as normal green tea. The most important thing to know about matcha is that it is a wonderful health drink. The ingredient undergoes a different farming process and comes in a powder instead of loose leaves, making it more potent.

Matcha is a superior quality green tea powder first originated in China and later on brought to Japan from where the whole world knew about matcha health benefits.

Unlike the traditional green tea drink which is steeped tea, matcha is prepared after crushing the tender leaves in to a fine powder and mixed in hot water and consumed as matcha drink. Therefore, it is more potent.

One cup of matcha is equivalent to 10 cups of steeped tea. Matcha contains 137 times more antioxidants than regular brewed tea. Just imagine the antioxidant dose one can get in one cup of matcha, quite sufficient to prevent damage of our body cells and free us from various diseases.

I have gathered below informations in order help anyone interested in knowing more about matcha. Just click on each link to read the details.

  • What is matchaWhat is Matcha Matcha is a refined form of pulverized tea leaf which is fully grown and made in Japan. The tea leaf leaves shaded from the sun for a previous couple of weeks of their growth, increasing the photosynthesis effect and chlorophyll content and making a stunning greenish color.

  The Zen Buddhists found that drinking "Matcha" helped them improve the sense of clarity and well-being which supported their meditation activity.

  • How to make matcha tea How to make matcha tea   The preparation of this drink, involves a special process, quite different from the preparation of other kinds of tea to create a full-bodied, vibrant green elixir

  • Matcha FAQ Matcha FAQ   Read this frequently asked questions to get an in depth knowledge about matcha. I am sure reading this you will become an matcha lover.