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5 Best Matcha Green Tea Brands In The Market

Best matcha green tea brands
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Matcha is no doubt expensive, but the enormous health benefits of matcha are far worthier than the cost you pay.

But that does not mean you will have to overpay to get the taste of the best matcha tea.

Obviously, then users will have to choose the most cost-effective brand.

So, how do I find a cost-effective matcha brand?

Well, I am going to make it easy for you.

All you need to do is spend a few minutes and study this post on how to select the best matcha green tea brands in the market and you will be in a position to decide which one suits you best.

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A brief introduction to matcha Green tea

There are a plethora of Matcha brands in the market (online/store). Some brands deal with ceremonial grade tea powder, the one normally used by health-conscious matcha drinkers and some kitchen-grade/culinary grade, an inferior grade than ceremonial which is used for preparing various matcha recipes. I am referring to the first one ‘Ceremonial grade’ variety in all my following analyses.

It was in 2015 Matcha became popular throughout the world, though the Buddhist monks invented matcha centuries ago meant for their daily meditation rituals. (See the history of matcha) Many matcha drinkers in the world mainly chose this grade in order to get the many health benefits that matcha tea powder possesses.

Matcha has the highest concentration of antioxidants, a higher level of L-Theanine an amino acid that supports brain functions, and many more health benefits now, scientifically proved.

Any brand of matcha for that matter can give some health benefits, but it is very essential to identify under what conditions and where matcha was grown. Unfavourable conditions of farming can overshadow the health benefits of matcha. You can get the best matcha in Japan.

You also need to know where to buy matcha. There are many sellers in the market (online/store), but the one who gets the purest, at costs that are affordable by all class of people and with very easy buying options need to be selected.

What is so special about matcha

Matcha green tea powder is more powerful and packed with a tremendous amount of anti-oxidants (EPCG), phenols, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Matcha has 137 times the catechin (antioxidants) found in other green teas.

Matcha stands topmost on the ORAC (1384) scale. Matcha also contains L-Theanine a powerful compound that improves human brain functions.

Unlike, the usual steeped green teas brewed, matcha tea brewed without steeping has a full range of benefits and that is mainly because you consume the complete tea leaves. In steeped tea, more, than 50 % of the valuable antioxidants and minerals are lost along with the tea leaves making the drink less potent.

Some of the benefits of matcha are

  • Compounds in Matcha Green Tea Can Improve Brain Functions.
  • Health Benefits of Anti-oxidants in matcha Green Tea due to the presence of bioactive components
  • Matcha Green Tea helps weight loss
  • Matcha Green Tea kills bacteria and prevents tooth decay and bad breath
  • Matcha Green Tea controls Diabetes
  • Matcha Green Tea Decreases Risk Of Heart Diseases
  • Matcha Green Tea Reduces Your Weight
  • The effectiveness of Matcha Green Tea noticed in the improved texture of the skin

Who consumed this tea?

Drinking this form of tea was a regular practice by Zen Buddhists. Zen Buddhists who spend most of their time meditating in the temples soon discovered an even more potent tea by cultivating the tea shrubs under shade in order to maximize the medicinal values.

The concept of tea was brought to Japan in 1191 by the monk, Eisai. He brought with him the Chinese process of preparing powdered tea and this eventually evolved into the normal chanoyu ceremony.

The tradition of drinking pulverized fresh green tea has lost its importance in China in recent years, however, the tradition persisted in Japan. As the process of tea processing was very costly, a few royal and Samurai Warriors got Matcha.

Slowly, this tea was a well-liked drink throughout Japan. As the demand among common people grew, many tea manufacturers in Japan started this business to meet the demand.

Today, there are many matcha sellers, and the quality of tea varied from manufacturer to manufacturer. This led many buyers sceptical about matcha quality in the market. Therefore, it is our goal to give you adequate information on the best tips to buy matcha green tea so that you get your money's worth.

How I selected the best matcha green tea brands

While selecting the best matcha powder one should get answers to the following questions.

  • Where was the matcha cultivated, processed, and packed?


The best matcha is cultivated, processed, and packed in Japan. Because Japan is bestowed with the perfect climatic conditions and favorable geographical environment, Japan has developed its own traditional matcha cultivation methods that make matcha a very highly nutritious superfood.
  • What is the colour of good matcha?
  • Answer: The best quality matcha has a spring green colour

  • What part of the tea plant is used for producing matcha?
  • Answer: The top two leaves are hand plucked to produce high-quality matcha. This makes the drink smoother and gives a pleasant savoury taste.

  • Is the matcha cultivated organically?
  • Answer: The matcha should be cultivated organically. This means matcha should be grown with the use of natural fertilizers. Please note since you are consuming the whole leaf, it is essential that matcha cultivation adopt chemical-free fertilizers.

  • What is the grade of matcha?
  • Answer: Select ceremonial grade for direct consumption. If you need it for preparing recipes then go to the culinary/kitchen.

    Answer: My tip to buy the best matcha green tea brand powder is a one-page infographic that can help you as a ready reckoner before making the purchase.

  • What is the cost of matcha?
  • The cost of matcha is an important factor since not all can afford to pay such heavy prices. Matcha is costly because of the higher processing cost (most of it is manual) and stringent quality assurance. However, you can start with the cheaper brands experience the health benefits, and go for costly brands if required.

    My opinion is to stick on to the price range between $ 0.3 - $ 1.5 per gram and there is no need to buy costlier than this range.

    I would like to mention, for those of you who are pressed for time these days and cannot afford to make a nice & hot cup of matcha tea, matcha tea bags are available in the market. You can buy the best matcha green tea bags online easily.

    Please take a look at the video below which explains all the above points.

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    Our matcha basics and FAQs can give you a better idea about this special variety of green tea.

    I am not a matcha expert but I have tried seriously few matcha green tea brands during the last year. I have found how this matcha differs in tastes.

    For a change, I have also tasted one brand from the list that is the lowest priced of all. The taste of this matcha was comparable with the other top brands; the only drawback was the presence of a few sediments at the bottom of the cup once you have reached the end of the cup.

    But, this is not a serious issue quality-wise, which can be eliminated by churning the liquid frequently while drinking. This brand is very cost-effective for those who are serious about not overspending.

    I am going to standardize this brand for my future purchases. I have listed 5 of the best matcha green tea available below which are my own preferences over the plethora of matcha tea brands in the market.

    I feel this would be the best matcha green tea if you are interested to invest and make it your regular traditional drink.

    My recommendations are that you can try some more brands from the best matcha deals and do extensive research on your own.

    Taste is something that is subjective and depends on how sensitive your taste buds are to identify the best matcha green tea brands. Some brands may taste good to me but you may not and vice versa. In case, you happened to find a better brand, please let me know. I will be glad to include it in my reviews.

    Best matcha green tea brands

    The 5 matcha green tea brands tasted and compared

    Navigate ahead to the specific section

    Point 1: Kenko Matcha

    Kenko Matcha

    Kenko Matcha - is the heart of the traditional Japanese tea ceremony celebrated for hundreds of years

    I admit that Organic Kenko matcha green tea is the finest quality of ceremonial grade matcha, but that does not mean that the rest of the brands in the list are not the best quality. Each one has its own positive point. Kenko Tea is packed in an attractive green tin similar to the colour of the matcha powder (vibrant green) with a cartoon of a fox drinking matcha.

    This matcha powder when rubbed between your fingers gives a silky feeling indicating how well the powder is ground and is free from stems and leaf veins which is something that distinguishes it from other brands. The smell of this brand is mild grassy which is mostly favoured by those matcha lovers who are very sensitive to the aroma of the drink.

    Coming to the flavour, which is the next subjective comparison that varies from person to person due to the response of their taste buds; this brand has an umami flavour and is non-bitter after you gulp it down your throat.

    The origin of this brand is from the Nishio region of Japan, the largest green tea producer. So you will find expert manufacturers in this region.

    The product is USDA certified organic, Vegan-friendly, and Kosher certified.

    Summary of features:

    Colour: Vibrant green

    Smell: Mild grassy

    Flavour: Umami, smooth, creamy, and non-bitter vegetal.

    Organic: USDA Certified Organic, Vegan-friendly, Kosher certificate.

    Grade: Ceremonial

    Repurchase? Yes, if you can afford it.

    Tin Quantity: 30 grams

    Customer feedback: Rating of 4.6/5 with 1523 reviews on Amazon.com. Click here!

    Origin: Nishio region of Japan.The largest green tea producing region of Japan

    Special notes: They have a 60 Day no questions asked money-back guarantee.

    Point 2: Midori Spring Matcha

    Midori Spring Matcha

    Midori Spring Matcha - Give back to your health and embrace the power of Match

    The craze for matcha started after I had tasted Midori spring matcha. After I came back from Japan this was the first brand tasted by me in India. Every sip tasted gave me that special feeling, that I must make Matcha as my regular drink.

    The first thing you should know about Midori Spring is that it is the first harvest (1st flush). First, flush matcha leaves taste good most tea enthusiasts will be struck with total excitement.

    The bright green powder is quite delicious. Though the smell is grassy, it has an umami flavour and gives a smooth and creamy feeling when the drink comes in contact with your tongue. There is a mildly sweet aftertaste followed by the grassy smell that makes it a good choice for a new matcha drinker. I had tasted Midori spring adding a tablespoon of milk which gave a special taste covering all the fine flavours of tea.

    Midori Soring comes from the Aichi and Kagoshima regions that have very fertile soil perfectly suiting to the soil quality required for tea farming. Especially, Kagoshima which is the southernmost part of the country has a very fertile soil enriched with volcanic ash and dense nutrients.

    The product is USDA certified organic, Vegan-friendly, and Kosher certified.

    Summary of features:

    Colour: Bright green

    Smell: Grassy

    Flavour: Umami, smooth, creamy

    Organic: USDA, Kosher and Vegan Certified

    Grade: Ceremonial

    Repurchase? Yes, very cost-effective.

    Tin Quantity: 100 grams

    Origin: Aichi and Kagoshima regions

    Customer feedback: Rating of 4.6/5 with 589 reviews on Amazon.com. Click here!

    Special notes: They have a 60 Day no questions asked money-back guarantee.

    Point 3: Gekirei Matcha

    Gekirei Matcha

    Gekirei Matcha

     – The best natural product for beauty, health, and long life.

    Crazy after my first matcha experience while in Japan, I was trying to arrive at the best matcha. This was the third brand tasted by me and I found it a very extraordinary choice. The bright green powder without any lumps and fine texture will attract any tea connoisseur.

    This premium grade organic ceremonial matcha is very similar to the previous reviewed Midori Spring. It is a very delicious variety because of its non-bitter aftertaste. The smooth, creamy texture of the matcha when you sip gradually emits a mild grassy smell and ends with a sweet taste when it reaches the final taste buds.

    This Matcha powder is evenly suspended in the water and does not form any sediment at the bottom of the cup. Sediments normally form when the powder contains particles of tea stems and veins not evenly ground.

    Gekirei matcha comes from Uji in Kyoto prefecture, one of Japan’s most respected matcha green tea growing towns. Walking along the streets in Uji, you will come across many tea merchants, many of them have been in the tea business for centuries.

    This organic matcha manufacturer has its processes certified by USDA and JONA.

    Summary of features:

    Colour: Bright green

    Smell: Grassy

    Flavour: Umami, smooth, creamy

    Organic: USDA JONA Certified

    Grade: Ceremonial

    Repurchase? Yes, a bit costly but can save by monthly subscriptions.

    Tin Quantity: 30 grams

    Origin: Kyoto Prefecture – Japan

    Customer feedback: Rating of 4.4/5 with 62 reviews on Amazon.com Click here!

    Special notes: If you are a lover of the sophisticated taste and the great natural benefits of Japanese green tea, subscribe to this product. An additional saving (a discount on monthly orders) will make the purchase much more economical and convenient. You can subscribe and unsubscribe to your account in the "Your subscriptions" menu

    Point 4: Wow Matcha

    An inexpensive option, ideal for daily matcha drinkers. 

    wow matcha

    Wow Matcha

     - Most people like a cup in the morning to "rev" them up, and then a cup in the afternoon to "perk" them up.

    While I tasted various matcha brands, I came across this matcha which was made available to Indians from Japan. WOW, matcha is importing the best matcha from Kyoto, Japan. This matcha is a special variety that is hand-ground ceremonial grade matcha. Compared to the above brands this was the cheapest and decided to taste this brand as it was freely available.

    Like other matcha, the colour of this matcha was not a bright green but a bit darker. As usual, this matcha had a raw grassy smell. The taste was also satisfactory but had a slightly bitter aftertaste.

    A little number of sediments remained at the bottom of the cup after whisking normally. But considering the cost, this characteristic’ did not pose a disadvantage for me, since I was looking for a matcha grade that was economical and that I could standardize for daily consumption.

    Regarding the effect, this matcha gave me the same energy as the other matcha. I could comfortably perform my routine yoga practices with ease.

    I had tried WOW matcha for lattes and found out that this brand is the best matcha for lattes.

    WOW, matcha is a Japanese product and so I was very sure about the quality because of JAS certification.

    Summary of features:

    Colour: Bright green

    Smell: Grassy

    Flavour: Umami, smooth, creamy

    Organic: JAS Certified

    Grade: Ceremonial

    Repurchase? Yes, very cost-effective.

    Tin Quantity: 100 grams

    Origin: First harvest from the farms in Japan

    Customer feedback: Rating of 4.7/5 with 13 reviews Click here!

    Special notes: No Contraindications/ Side Effects associated, 100% Natural and Pure. Lead content well within the limits prescribed by JAS.

    Point 5: Viva Naturals Matcha

    Viva Naturals

    Viva Naturals

     - Sip, savour and enjoy the crisp, creamy, and full-bodied flavour followed by a lingering sweetness that ordinary matcha powders simply cannot deliver!

    Viva naturals were the last matcha that I had tasted and one unique factor found in this tea is its sweetness, which you rarely find in other premium Matcha teas. The tea is packed in a violet glass jar, to preserve its freshness and maximum potency. When the light is blocked Matcha powder remains fresher for a longer duration.

    This matcha has a bright green colour but you cannot avoid its grassy smell indicating strong raw powder. The smell is not lost during its steaming and drying process. The appearance of the powder is silkier texture than other matcha teas.

    One thing that I had observed is that this tea mixes very easily in hot water leaving no sediments in the bottom and froths quickly with lesser whisking.

    This is a product from Japanese farms and is certified organic and third-party tested for heavy metals and radiation, impurity-free is guaranteed!

    This matcha gave me the same energy as the other matcha. I could comfortably perform my routine yoga practices with ease.

    Summary of features:

    Colour: Vivid green

    Smell: Grassy

    Flavour: fresh sweet

    Organic: Certified organic and third-party tested for heavy metals and radiation, impurity-free is guaranteed!

    Grade: Ceremonial

    Repurchase? Yes, very cost-effective.

    Tin Quantity: 28 grams.

    Origin: Japan

    Customer feedback: Rating of 4.1/5 with 710 reviews on Amazon.com Click here!

    Special notes: Premium Violet Glass Packaging – This unique packaging offers optimal protection for matcha against the harmful effects of light and oxidation. By blocking the entry of visible light, your matcha stays fresher, longer!

    I hope that you have found our guide The Best Matcha Green Tea Brands useful. I have made all attempts to support all necessary information to give you the confidence to buy the best brands. This being an amazing superfood, you should quickly include in your daily routine to stay healthy.

    The top 5 above picks in our reviews are no doubt the best matcha green tea brands available today and Amazon is the best place to buy matcha green tea powder. Click here for more matcha options.

    Keeping in mind the quality and pricing, we are continuously trying other brands and will be adding them to our reviews. We would appreciate hearing from you about what you think about our reviews.

    Your turn now

    Right now, I want you to do one thing:

    Specifically, I want you to leave a comment describing your parameters for deciding the best matcha. As you know matcha review is subjective, so your feedback would be of immense help for me to include them in my review too.

    You may also let me know the brands that you like the most out of these 5. You are also welcome to let me know your choice other than these 5 and why?

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    Disclaimer: This review is not based on any scientific evidence but purely based on my personal research and findings. As you all know Matcha reviewing is quite subjective mostly like reviewing foods review. Means, you might totally agree with me or disagree with me, never mind it's ok for me. However, colours and matcha benefits are clear evidence.

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