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7 benefits of cooking as a hobby [simple facts]

cooking as a hobby benefits

Here some beautiful cooking hobby quotes and sayings. I think one should get impressed and start developing cooking as a hobby

• If you can organize your kitchen, you can organize your life. – Louis Parrish

• A recipe has no soul, you as the cook must bring soul to the recipe. – Thomas Keller

• A guy who knows how to cook is really handsome

If there’s a recipe for success in life, it starts with picking the right ingredients.  Tweet this saying now.

• Until I discovered cooking, I was never really interested in anything. – Julia Child

Many also consider that cooking as a highly time consuming activity, some busy professionals consider that cooking affects their status symbol and treat as if ‘’that’s not my job”, there are some who are too lazy to enter the kitchen.

Now you are probably wondering:

“How can anyone find cooking as a hobby that is beneficial to them?”

Well, today I am going to clear that for you.

So, all you need to do is spend a few minutes reading these 7 things and how each one makes more sense in developing cooking as a hobby.

Before I dive into the main topic

What are hobbies?

They are activities done regularly in one's leisure time for pleasure.

synonyms: pastime, leisure activity, leisure pursuit, leisure interest, amateur interest, sideline, diversion, avocation, enthusiasm, recreation, relaxation, entertainment, amusement; informal thing.

Developing hobbies and leisure activities are important to the Young and Elderly. Not only are hobbies fun, but they can re-charge your mind and body; assist one in staying healthy, active and happy. It is a proven fact that engaging in healthy activities that we derive pleasure can help delay-aging signs and the pleasure of participating can lead to positive feelings that can help prevent us from some illnesses.

Hobbies and leisure activities can be beneficial in a variety of ways. Look at some of these beneficial factors and if you want to develop a new one select this hobby list.

Benefits of having a hobby

Stress Reduction: Most people pursue hobbies because they enjoy them and many think that they help relieve stress in their lives. Some of these ideas may also help create a calm atmosphere to reduce stress. For example Cooking or baking, gardening, taking a walk, singing, reading, or playing a musical instrument, studying your favorite collections like stamps, coins, or any other antiques.

Improve Concentration: Helps in focusing on the result rather than wavering on issues that have created some bitter moments in life. Helps you forget these bitter moments and finally reducing stress. Most hobbies also offer mental stimulation in reference to completing the task.

Enhance your Self Esteem: Mainly hobbies involving a group of friends that make a team can improve socializing and building up your self-esteem. Some of them are Chess, Cards, and Caroms etc. Where there is a collective participation of more than one people is a very healthy pastime.

Good quality Sleep: Engaging yourself in productive activities during the daytime helps you get a good night’s undisturbed sleep and waking up fresh the next day. You are energetic and feel free internally to start the day.

Therefore, it is better to have a pastime that can kill your time and keep you engaged throughout the day. Do you have a hobby? I mean that kind of activity, which prevents you from idling and generate weird thoughts and ideas that can damage you and the people around you. Take some time pick up from this list of hobbies and develop it to keep you engaged.

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In this article, we will discuss how cooking as a hobby benefits. In my opinion for both male and female cooking as a hobby is the best activity because it is very useful in life.

I developed cooking as a hobby when I was studying engineering. I used to stay in a hostel. At times when I was getting bored of eating the same kind of food served in the mess, I used to prepare my own food.

I used to do the very simple cooking for a change, and found the joy of cooking is something that cannot be expressed by words but need to be experienced. This is how I developed a liking for cooking. Look at some of the benefits of cooking yourself.

So let us see


cooking as a hobby benefits

Being a hobby, apart from the benefits gained as mentioned in the previous paragraphs, treating cooking as a hobby, can reap also other important benefits.

Cooking helps prepare food in a mindful way

Is one of the key principles of mindful eating.This concept has derived from the Buddist psychological traditions. This can be applied to various activities. It works.

Being aware of the nutritional values in your food and connecting with your food through the process of preparing it builds total mindfulness. You become more aware of what you consume when you prepare your own food. Mindful cooking is in a way imparting healing touch and love into the food. Finally, the same is transferred to you and your family.

I do not know about you, but I was a very busy professional organizing meetings, monitoring factory performances, working out plans for improvement and many other functions related to overall improvement of efficiencies.All these kept me very stressfull and I could feel that I was mentally drained and exhausted.

I sometimes used to spend sleepless nights thinking about my work.What should be my strategy for the next day.Finally I used to get up the next day with a heavy head.

Remembering my college days, I started giving more importance on cooking and joining my wife in the kitchen during dinner preparation. I used to take the lead role in deciding the menu and the nutritional benefits my family could derive out of it.I used move arround the kitchen briskly doing one activity after another.When performing this physical activity I could feel that my office stress which I had carried home vanish and settle down with a very happy mood for the dinner.

Cooking helps understand nutritional value of foods

Many conveniently ignore the basic nutritional requirement for health lifestyle.It is surely a very tedious and painstaking work of assessing what is good and what is not good for leading a healthy lifestyle.Therefore, the easy choice is to rely on outside foods.

The impact of not having a balanced and nutrious diet is on the health.Insufficient vitamins and minerals may make you less energetic and can also result in premature ageing symptons.The result of this is depleting stem cells in the body making you susceptible to illness.

Eating outside (served in restaurants and fast food parlors) foods cannot guarantee you any nutrition values. In addition, to make their foods tastier they liberally use sugar, sodium, carbohydrates, fats, artificial flavors, and artificial preservatives. Whereas home cooked foods are prepared by you considering correct levels of the above ingredients. Therefore, the food you consume is under your control. Good health is ensured.

 Cooking helps develop healthy eating habits

Eating the right kind of foods,the right quantity in the right time is normally the mantra nutritionists talk. All this is possible when you can start cooking at home. You can try out new healthy recipes, learning more about food and its nutritional values and preparing a well-balanced eating plan. This way, you can ensure you and your family to lead a healthy lifestyle.

When you start cooking you can take control of the following:-

  • You can keep fats to a minimum: Select lean meat, low fat dairy products and avoid highly processed foods which contain hidden fats. Relying on nuts, fish, olive are healthy choices due to the presence of long-chained fatty acids and also contain essential nutrients.
  • You can start low fat cooking: Best way to fry vegetables is to cook the vegetables in a pressure cooker or microwave oven using the liquids present in the vegetables and then putting them in a frying pan followed by either spraying oil or using pastry brush to apply oil in the frying pan.
  • You can shop on your own: This helps carefully selecting the low fat versions of foods. You can also avoid purchase fast foods; chips, crisps, processed meats, pastries and pies, which all contain large amounts of fat and salt.
  • You can control the salt intake: Add salt to the cooking at the end of cooking, choose fresh or frozen vegetables instead of canned vegetables since they are preserved in brine, avoid buying butter, cheese or margarine since they contain higher percentage of salt, instead use low salt versions.
  • You can take steps to retain the natural nutrients in the vegetables: Scrub the vegetables instead of peeling them since most of the nutrients are present near the skin, steam the vegetables instead of boiling them.
  • Use the herbs carefully: Herbs are added to add flavor to the food but also contain health-protective phytoestrogens. So it is better to add them during the last few minutes before end of cooking to prevent damage of phytonutrients.
You can add certain supplements along with your food in order to get the daily nourishment.You can also follow certain eating habits to maintain healthy lifestyle.

Cooking enhances knowledge of food

A nutritious food can heal, whereas a non-nutritious food causes sickness or even inflict pain, allergies. Therefore, it is very essential to know about the food you consume. Cooking your own meals can teach you what foods are high or low in certain vitamins, minerals, and fibers. You can learn to combine nutritious foods to satisfy your taste.

There is a direct impact of the preparation and cooking on the nutritional values of vegetables and legumes. Normally, steaming,roasting,boiling, sauteing, microwave and pressure cooking are generally used for food preparation. But, not all types of cooking are good for all vegetables and legumes.

Cooking helps maintain good food hygiene

You very well know that improper hygiene can lead to various diseases. Improper hygiene can cause foodborne illness attacking us through deadly germs.Food borne diseases are caused due to various reasons like eating outside food, bad food preparation, serving and storage at home. You cannot check or stop the bad processes followed in restaurants, so it is better to avoid them, but you can definitely do something to ensure safe cooking at home. This prevents allergies and sensitiveness. The precautions you take may not be taken in outside foods.Check whether you

  • Wash all the fruits and vegetables purchased before eating. Fruits and vegetables can come in contact with insects and rodents while transit, so pay special attention to thoroughly in running water before use.
  • Store raw foods and cooked foods separately. Storing them together can lead to cross contamination. Ensure that raw foods like meat, eggs and poultry are washed and sealed in separate bags and stored away from the ready to eat foods in the refrigerator.
  • Wash your hands often with soap while handling food. This is to ensure that your hands are not contaminated while handling raw foods or after washing utensils.
  • The right temperature used for cooking. Foods consumed raw or half cooked is harmful, especially the non-vegetarian varieties. Indigestions, formation of gas and severe stomach disorders are the possible effects.
  • If you are unsure about the quality of food, discard them. A food when stored outside for a long time after cooking develops fungi which are not visible by naked eye. Consuming such foods can cause allergies. Never store food for more than four hours after cooking. Consume it completely or discard the leftovers.
  • Keep track of the expiry dates mentioned on the packing. It is harmful to use if the expiry dates are over. Such foods can cause adverse reactions when used.

Cooking helps increase family attachment

Cooking at home establishes a very good bondage within the family. Preparing favorite family menus and eating together develops healthy eating habits to your children. This becomes a very useful tool to prepare your children to know the importance of home cooking rather than relying on restaurants or parlors with friends. In fact, entire family joining together at the dining table is associated with fewer psychological problems due to less or no family attachments, higher performance of the children in studies and strong family bondage. There are various studies conducted by different universities that support this concept.

Home cooking is very cost effective

It is wiser to cook your own food than eating outside. Just imagine the cost that you have to pay to eat some food outside whose nutritional values, safety, hygiene and the extent of incorrect levels of ingredients used unknown. Obviously, comparing the cost, cooking at home is very cheap. You can save a lot and free yourself from excessive money stress.

Therefore, I encourage people to take up cooking as a hobby and it is the only hobby that can reap multiple benefits. Most people consider cooking as a hobby, which is very cumbersome, and time-consuming. Instead, prefer to spend their time glued in front of the idiot box (TV) and after having wasted most of their time there, hastily rush to the kitchen to make some quick cooking. In the process, they lose all the above benefits. I suggest that you try it sincerely and experience the joy of cooking. Start with preparing a cup tea/coffee. You will really enjoy. In order to lead a healthy lifestyle for you and your family, develop cooking as a hobby amongst other hobbies that you have already developed.


Amongst other hobbies cooking is a great hobby especially when you practice it sincerely. You can experience mindfulness; understand the nutritional value of foods that can help you maintain a good health, and many more. Try to spend a day in a week to prepare simple dishes that do not need more cooking time, like sandwiches, bread toasts etc.

The activity cooking was done by our ancestors who roasted meat of wild animals and birds to satisfy their hunger. Today, cooking is done not only to satisfy our hunger but also to satisfy our taste buds that are craving for tasty delicacies. This is why number of ingredients like spices, herbs and additives were found out to make our foods tastier. And, now cooking is considered as a cognitive skill that is just not about controlling the cooking heat, but the mental capacity to resist the temptation to scoff the ingredients, understanding the cooking transformation process, great deal of patience, and memory power.

You need to develop an inclination towards cooking which comes out of practice. Eventually, you can master the skill which will be useful any time of your life. I have witnessed it and now it makes my life easier as I do not have to depend on others.

Over to you now 

Right now, I wanted you to do one thing: 

Specifically, I want you to leave a comment describing your opinion regarding cooking as a hobby

For example: 

• How have you felt after cooking a good meal yourself for your family? 

• Have you anytime compared the cost of having dinner in a restaurant and what costs you if you cooked all by yourself? 

• Any other observation and experiences you have had after you have done your own cooking. I’ll be glad to learn from you and add them as an update to this blog. 

So, leave a comment. 

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