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How to make matcha tea the perfect way

How to make matcha tea

Matcha, the traditional Japanese drink is packed with a strong dose of antioxidants(ECGC), amino acids(L-Theanine), and sufficient dose of caffeine provides a number of green tea health benefits and effective drink for meditators who need calmness and alertness during their meditation course.

The preparation of this drink, especially with the ceremonial grade matcha tea powder, which is a fine-pulverized powder and whisked with hot water to create a full-bodied, vibrant green elixir. This key element of the traditional Japanese ceremonies earlier originated in China many years back and is now enjoyed by the whole world for its nutritional value as well its umami flavor.

Unlike other types of teas, the matcha green tea powder not steeped before consuming, so you are consuming the entire leaf, making matcha more potent than other tea varieties. Only 1/2 tsp is needed to brew a traditional cup of Matcha.

Though buying Matcha drink in a cafe is very costly, you can prepare it inexpensively at home. Making matcha is a little more cumbersome than dipping a tea bag into hot water. A good Matcha can be identified by the thick froth that develops when you whisk it thoroughly. There is a trick to get that thick frothiness but requires a little practice to master it.

You will require the following equipment:-

So... How to make matcha tea the perfect way

    1. Buy a good matcha

    2. How to ensure that you have purchased good matcha?

      The first sign is that you get bright green powder smoke with a sweet grassy smell as you have opened a matcha tin.

      But how do you select the best matcha to buy?


      • Check if the matcha is produced in Japan.
      • Look for an expiry date stamped somewhere on the packaging
      • Preferably go for matcha packed in tins. Do not rely on transparent pouches as matcha exposed to light deteriorates the matcha quality. Matcha is very sensitive to light and temperature.
      • Buy matcha in small quantities preferably in 30 Oz packs. This will last you a month. Storing matcha for more time loses its potency once opened.
      • Good quality matcha may cost somewhere between $0.75 - $1.5 per gram or Rs 52/- to Rs 104/- INR. Per gram. Good quality matcha is expensive because the potency of matcha is retained by good growing, harvesting and grinding process. Secondly, the entire process of production is manual involving men and women with the necessary expertise. 
      • If you want to drink matcha as it is, buy Ceremonial grade or in Japanese language usucha grade.
    3. Using simple equipment like a matcha whisk (Chasen) and a bowl can help you prepare frothy matcha.
      Take care that the matcha bowl should be sufficiently big enough to whisk the matcha solution.
    4. Use boiling hot water for matcha preparation
    5. Before you start preparing the matcha drink, pour some boiling water into the bowl and place the matcha whisk into the bowl in such a way that the prongs of the whisk are submerged into the hot water. This is a preheating process to maintain the temperature of the bowl and the whisk at elevated temperatures than the room. Empty the bowl and pat it dry with a linen cloth.

    6. Use a matcha sieve.
    7. Matcha tends to develop lumps during its transit process. Leaving the lumps as it is may stick to your teeth, hence you need a spoon to press the lumps and push it through the sieve. You get a lump free matcha powder.

    8. Use the right ratio of matcha powder to water.
    9. Take 2 grams of powder to mix with 80 ml of hot water. Ensure that the temperature of water drops down to 70-degree centigrade. You need not be very accurate here. All that is required to know is that water cools at a faster rate initially. It takes anywhere between 3 – 4minutes for the temperature to drop to 70 degrees centigrade after boiling.

    10. Matcha drink whisking process.
    11. This is the most important process whereas all the above is a preparatory process. Once the hot water and matcha are in the bowl, use the chasen to blend the matcha powder with water. Use ‘W’ motion of the whisk with your wrist until you get froth on the surface. The froth must contain tiny bubbles like the cream on an espresso coffee.


Matcha tea is one of the healthiest forms of tea naturally produced in Japan. If you are interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, drink matcha tea. You can keep your body healthy and in good shape.

Matcha tea preparation has a set of steps involved to make the drink enjoyable. These steps are derived from the ancient Japanese tea ceremony where the hosts of the ceremony should follow certain aesthetics and considerations for the guests’ right from every movement and gestures while preparation and serving the matcha drink and also how the guests respond while accepting the matcha drink from the host.

The complete process focuses on the present moment, being completely immersed in every single detail which is contained in Zen Buddhist tradition. Finally, the matcha green tea provides the necessary calming and meditative aspects of the ritual.

Considering our stressful modern world, it is time now we settle down with an invigorating cup of matcha green tea which could push us out of from the busy world and enjoy being in the present moment and deep sense of relaxation.

Have you tried matcha? What is the best way you have used it?

Let me know in the comments section below.

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